Our Services

Title Insurance:

We provide insurance to guarantee the validity of your title. We provide both Lenders’ policies which are required by mortgage companies and Owners’ policies which may be purchased to protect new owners against financial loss and legal costs due to unforeseen claims and fraud.

Our underwriter, Fidelity National Title Group, is one of the largest and most trust-worthy insurers in the market. Our rates are those set by the Texas Department of Insurance for all title insurance companies. Our record of minimal claims attests to the thoroughness of our research and diligent work.

Escrow Services:

It is our pleasure to offer Escrow services and closings. We protect your funds with diligence. We protect your information with security of information and confidentiality. We protect your documents and record them promptly. We deliver your policies and premiums promptly. We carry insurance covering errors and omissions, cyber security, and escrow security. We listen to you, our customers.

Title Searches:

We are happy to conduct title searches for any property. We are able to research our records back to the original land grants from the state of Texas.

Courtesy Closings:

We offer courtesy closings to associates in the land title business for a small fee.